At Superior Service Company, we carry a full line of certified Hotsy pressure washers. From hot and cold water systems to gas and diesel powered options, we are committed to finding the right option for you. Choosing the right pressure is as simple as asking yourself a few quick questions.

  1. Will you be using the pressure washer indoors or outdoors?If you’re cleaning indoors, and electric pressure washer is a great fit, assuming that the area in which you will be working is near enough to an electrical outlet. Because the motor in this type of pressure washer runs on electricity, you must remain within range of an outlet in order to use it, and this may limit mobility.When it comes to outdoor cleaning, you have more options. Here, you are able to use both electric and gas-powered pressure washers, which are the two most common solutions.  Electric systems tend to be more economical, while the gas-powered washers are more portable, due to the limited mobility posed by the cord on the electric washer.
  2. Will I require a pressure washer with wheels?If you’re planning to use the pressure washer on a very heavy or stationary object, it may be in your best interest to select a system with wheels so that you don’t have to carry it to and from the site where you will use it. However, if you are washing a truck or any other object that can be wheeled up to the pressure washer, wheels on the washer itself may not be necessary.
  3. Will I be working on a job site where I have access to a water spigot?Though many pressure washers are fed by a garden hose from a spigot, some can also draw water from a tank, making them much more portable and more ideal for on-site jobs.In addition, you may find it useful to consider the differences between hot and cold-water pressure washers, as they are each effective in different ways.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

When you introduce hot water to any cleaning equation, it packs a pretty powerful punch. Using hot water reduces the surface tension of the water that you’re cleaning with, which allows it to more effectively penetrate grease and grime. This high-speed molecular action causes the cleaning agent to be more active, and in turn, more effective.

Hot water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning automotive parts, engines, or anything with oil or grease. Hot water will penetrate grease, whereas cold water simply moves it around.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Ideal for projects that involve things like blasting away sand, caked-on mud, or even stripping paint, a cold water system will be very effective. Able to get the job done in most cases, cold water systems offer a lot of versatility. The rule of thumb, however, is that whatever cold water cleans, hot water will clean better and faster.

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